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Galanthria rode into the industrial revolution ahead of most nations in the union. While on the outskirts of the civilized world, their access to a large number of raw resources allowed for them to rapidly build numerous factories and refineries.

However, they began to run into a problem with local drakes being attracted to their booming industrial cities. The heat from their growing number of factories and refineries was proving to be a perfect roosting ground. After years of disastrously attempting to eradicate the dangerous creatures, they tried a different approach in the city of Carmaux. Roofs were reinforced, heat vented more evenly across their surfaces, and teams were hired to relocate instead of kill vagrant drakes.

Over the course of the next year the city saw a rapid change in the drakes that lived among them. They became more docile and the number of attacks dropped to almost zero. Soon, many factory owners reported symbiotic relationships forming where drakes would put out local fires, deliver extra food, and many other tasks in exchange for the warm living environment.

The success in Carmaux marked a turning point in the way the entire nation handled drakes. Soon cities across the Galanthria were encouraging drakes to roost among their industrial complexes. Five years later the military began the DrakeFire program, a research group designed to see if drakes could be tamed and trained for military operations. It was an unbelievable success.

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